The National Trust’s blog Preservation Nation featured If this house could talk… in January 2011 and, more recently, recommended it as a format for a community tour.

For the Spring 2015 article in the Exhibitionist, see: 10 Zusy EXH Spring 2015-10.

about other ITHCTs…

Sacramento, CA, Contact: MaryEllen Burns:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Contact: Cynthia Klaassen,



Mesquite, NV, Contact: Erika Kuta Marler,

Newburyport, MA, Contact: Jack Santos, jack@walknewburyport.com603.674.7454

Meridian, ID, Contact: Lila Hill,

6.11.2016 update from Lila:

Our HPC used the same signs that we used the last time in the old “uptown” area & now have voted to add to the info for each property & get sandwich boards made for next year’s Historic Preservation Month activity in the “Old Town” area of Meridian – (now the second largest city in Idaho!!)

Fairfield, CT, Contact: Elizabeth Rose,

related ideas & resources…

Placeography is a wiki where you can share the history of and stories about a house, building, farmstead, public land, neighborhood or any place to which you have a personal connection.

History Pin is an online, user-generated archive of historical photos and personal recollections. Users are able to use the location and date of an image to “pin” it to
Google Maps.

What Was There ties historical photos to Google Maps, allowing you to tour familiar streets to see how they appeared in the past.

Candy Chang is an artist who wants to make cities more emotional. She believes our public spaces can better reflect what matters to us as a community and as individuals. She is passionate about questioning the fundamental elements of our public spaces and exploring how they can help us share, connect, and improve our well-being.

Murmur Toronto is an archival audio project that collects and curates stories set in specific Toronto locations, told by Torontonians. By using a mobile phone, users are able to listen  to stories keyed to place specific number tags.

Touchable Stories brings the talents of contemporary artists to help individual communities define their own voice and give it public expression.

Mondo Lizzie Borden is a virtual museum connected to a house site and local history in Fall River, Massachusetts as part of their “Every House Has A Story” initiative.

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